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Here you will find Horizons completed and current project progress updated on a regular basis.

CLEAN, CONDITION, & SEAL STONE FLOORING IN THE NORTH & SOUTH TOWER LOBBIES X Thank you to Pellegrino Stonecare for doing such a beautiful job in rejuvenating our stone flooring and filling the holes.   Pellegrino is returning on October 13 to fill any last holes in the South Tower.  Professional Maintenance Systems (Janitorial) cleaned the tile and grout in the North Tower elevator landings and is scheduled to do the same in the South Tower elevator landings on October 18 at no additional cost.  The same day they will clean the carpets in the South and North Tower Lobbies.
COMMON AREA FIVE-YEAR SPRINKLER REPAIRS X A&D Fire Sprinklers Inc.  recently completed making the common area repairs and we are currently working on a schedule to commence the in unit sprinkler head repairs.
LEAK CONTROL SERVICES INSTALLATION X Pinhole leaks are caused by corrosion of copper piping.  Leak Control Services installed a water treatment system to help reduce the frequency of leaks caused by corrosion.  In addition to protecting the copper piping, water treatment protects all components of the piping system, including boilers, tanks, pumps, valves, and fixtures.  Adding an additional water treatment means that Clear Water Technologies will make the necessary adjustments to keep our water system balanced.
WATERPROOF PLANTERS AT POOL DECK & NORTH TOWER ENTRANCE LOBBY X The planters at the pool deck and the entrance of the North Tower lobby were leaking due to failure in the waterproofing.  ProForm completed the waterproofing repairs and LandGraphics completed the plant installation.
NEW LANDSCAPE VENDOR X LandGraphics, the new landscape vendor began maintaining our landscaping on September 18.  After the first week, LandGraphics found a handful of sprinkler deficiencies needing repairs.  The main repair was a sprinkler leak next to the water feature and the Bougainvillea planter.  In addition, LandGraphics is working on fertilizing our trees and plants as they have not been fertilized consistently.
Wi-Fi X Recently at the August Board Meeting a Member brought to our attention the Wi-Fi at the gym and pool continue to drop and need a stronger connection.  We learned, though, that there wasn’t Wi-Fi in the gym and the pool Wi-Fi in fact did need a stronger connection.  With the help of Webpass and our    Building Engineer, a router in the gym and pool area were installed and we now have sufficient Wi-Fi         connection.  Gym Username: Horizons Gym G5 / Pool Username: Horizons Pool G5.  To retrieve the password, contact the kiosk at (619) 338-4097.
ANNUAL CERTIFICATION OF THE PAINT/WINDOW CLEANING EQUIPMENT & PAINT PROJECT Safeworks, Spider will be onsite the week of October 2 to replace the wire ropes and power cords and finalize our inspection of the exterior building equipment.  Once we have the certification in hand we will work with Southern Cross Property Consultant (Project Manager) and General Coatings (Painting Vendor) of a start date to continue the exterior paint project.
REMOVE & REPLACE  MEXICAN FEATHER GRASS We have been waiting for LandGraphics to begin maintaining our property before replacing the Mexican Feather Grass. Thankfully we did as the planter as a whole needs attention. LandGraphics is currently working on a proposal to replace the Mexican Feather Grass, replace other plants that are not succeeding, and edge along the planter and regrade the soil so when the irrigation is running it doesn’t spill over the edge.
REVISION OF HORIZONS GOVERNING DOCUMENTS Attorney Jeff French has begun to revise the governing documents (CC&Rs/Bylaws), this process will take about six months.
BOOSTER PUMP             REPLACEMENT The booster pump has been delivered and we are working on an installation date with Pro-Tec Building Services.
BUILDING MAINTENANCE MANUAL Management and the Building Engineer completed a site walk on 9/7 with Pro-Tec Building Services for the first phase in updating Horizons Building Maintenance Manual.  The next phase is for Pro-Tec to supply us with a draft  manual and schedule a second site walk.
COOLING TOWER BASE REPLACEMENT The base of the cooling tower needs to be replaced.  The base recently went through engineering  and now is at the manufacturer scheduling the install date.  Due to the hot weather, the cooling tower base will be scheduled to be replaced during the winter months as the cooling tower will need to be shut down.
UNIT DECK REPAIRS The Board recently hired a Project Management firm to assist in providing recommendations for the unit deck repairs and manage the paint project.  They are currently reviewing the current survey of decks previously received from a vendor and the building plans.  They will then schedule a time to begin accessing units for a visual inspection of the decks so they can provide the Board with the best approach moving forward.
BUILDING ACCESS CONTROL Management is requesting proposals to add additional cameras on the exterior of the building for more additional coverage.   In addition, we are requesting proposals to add an electronic access lock located at the kiosk entrance doors so these entrances can be unlocked from the kiosk.
COMMERCIAL – DOMESTIC WATER HIGHLINE Our Building Engineer is currently working to separate the domestic water to the commercial from the North Tower domestic water.  Currently when shutting down the water to the building it affects the commercial space as well.  Since we need to shut down the water to the building for upcoming projects and three times a year to replace valves and rebuild regulators, the Board approved to highline the domestic water for commercial at the commercial cost.
POOL AND BARBECUE RENOVATIONS Management is currently scheduling meetings with vendors on recommendations for the pool and barbecue renovations.
GRANITEX Management is currently scheduling meetings with vendors on recommendations to replace the granitex.


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