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Action Management Newsletter for Our Communities

Residents of Horizons,

We at Action Management would like to send everyone a heartfelt message of unity during this very stressful time. We are all in this together and know that staying at home in our sunny and active San Diego can certainly be difficult. The attached newsletter has some wonderful recommendations on how to stay physically active and mentally stimulated during our stay in place.

On a personal note, I’d like to share a conversation I had today with a homeowner who had a sewing machine delivered with needles and fabric. She stated that she had always wanted to learn to sew and was taking this opportunity to teach herself. This gave me such a feeling of encouragement to explore and learn things that we normally wouldn’t have time to do and found it to be such an inspiration. So inspired, I have decided that this weekend, I am going to teach myself how to bake bread.

What will be the new thing that inspires you to try something that you have always wanted to do? We would love to hear from you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Click HERE for the newsletter.

Warmest Regards,
Daniela Enck | General Manager
Tyler Doty | Manager Assistant

Local Food Establishments Open During COVID-19

Dear Residents: 

We wanted to take a moment to provide you with a few lists of food establishments that are currently open for take-out or delivery. 

Below you will find a link to local restaurants that is updated daily by San Diego Restaurant Week and the California Restaurant Association. 


We hope these lists helpful to you, and if you require assistance in running any other errands or picking up food, please feel free to reach out to Management or the Kiosk for a list of volunteers within the community. 

COVID-19 Local & Online Resources

Dear Residents:

We know these are trying times for everyone here at Horizons and around the world. We realize that is can be stressful to find ways to stay physically and mentally active as well as finding information from special hours for at-risk individuals at grocery stores to finding delivery/curbside pickup options for prepared food.

There are hundreds of websites with helpful information, and we know that that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in itself. In an effort to ease those feelings Management has compiled some relevant information all in one place for you. Below, you will find internet links on how to stay physically and mentally active from live Facebook workouts from the folks at Planet Fitness to virtual tours from world-class art facilities to the Great Wall of China.

In this helpful list, you will also find local grocery stores that have special hours for “at-risk” groups as well as local restaurants that offer delivery and or curbside pickup. We hope this list of activities and general community information helps ease the mind and bring you comfort during this time.

As a reminder, if anyone needs assistance running any errands, Management and the Security Kiosk have a list of residents who have volunteered to assist you. If you need help, please contact the management office or security, and we will put you in contact with your helpful neighbors.

Please click HERE for the list.

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