Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

Posted By on September 26, 2023


Emergencies happen when you least expect them! Being prepared is the key to saving lives and reducing injuries in an emergency. Are you prepared for these critical situations?

Medical Emergency Guide: Remain calm and call 911! Every minute & second helps! This step-by-step guide will prepare you should a medical emergency occur in your home. We encourage you to read the guide carefully and keep it handy for quick reference during an emergency.

Resident Emergency Guide: Your safety greatly depends upon how you react in the unlikely event of a fire, earthquake or other disaster while you are at Horizons. We encourage you to read our pamphlet carefully and keep it handy for quick reference during an emergency. It is the purpose of this brochure to provide important safety information concerning the building you live in!

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Form: In the case of an evacuation emergency, Horizons wants to ensure the on-site team is aware of who may need extra assistance exiting their homes so we can provide this information to emergency response personnel. If you have a disability, handicap or medical condition, temporary or permanent, and require assistance to exit the building via the stairwell, make sure you have given building management a resident information statement which specifies your condition. This information should be updated as needed and will be kept in a secure file to be given only as needed to emergency personnel in case of a building emergency.

Emergency Crash Cart Release Form: The plumbing crash cart is intended to help with plumbing leaks on an emergency type to primarily stop the source of the water intrusion that may occur inside units until your proper preferred vendor(s) can assess the situation. The Association will not conduct repairs. This release will permit the Association’s Engineers to enter the unit on a more expedient basis to help minimize damage to the unit and other surrounding units. This form must be on file for the Engineer to enter, diagnose and treat any plumbing issues whether someone is home or not.

Stairwell Evacuation Chairs (ADA): We are proud to be one of the few Associations in downtown San Diego to supply evacuation (ADA) chairs for those in need. An evacuation chair is often employed as a means of quickly assisting a disabled or mobility impaired person from the premises. Designed to be easy to use, safe, compact and stable, an evacuation chair allows disabled or incapacitated individuals to be easily and safely moved down flights of stairs much more conveniently than would be possible with a standard wheelchair. The Association has provided a total of six (6) evacuation chairs, three (3) in the North Tower & three (3) in the South Tower. The evacuation chairs are located in the West-side stairwells (near the refuse room) on floors 5, 13 and 22 of both buildings. The evacuation chairs are user-friendly and easy to use. You may wish to view a training video prior to operating a chair. Click on the following YouTube link to watch a “How-To” video on the Emergency Evacuation Chair:

These forms can be found on this website, > Documents > General Forms > Emergency Resident Information Forms OR > My Community > Documents > Emergency Procedures & Forms.


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