Virtual Townhall Strategic Planning Meeting

Posted By on October 6, 2020

The Board of Directors will be holding a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 5:00 PM via Zoom to discuss long range strategic planning. See Zoom Meeting information at the bottom of this message.

Strategic planning is used by successful organizations to help identify their strengths and opportunities, and know what weaknesses and threats they may have. The Horizons Association Board of Directors wants to develop a Long-Range Plan to help guide us through the next five years as we undertake projects and programs to maintain and increase the value of our property.  This effort will produce a written document that can be used to reference during the preparation of the Annual Budget and communicate to Owners what projects will be undertaken and when. In addition, the Plan will identify funding for routine maintenance and replacement of building infrastructure. Lastly the Plan can identify and prioritize ongoing programs to keep and build the character of our “community”. 

Horizon’s Community and Character

We are an urban residential community of owners who have their primary residence at Horizon’s or use as an exclusive second home. We also welcome renters. We have a strong, congenial membership who embraces urban living, participate in community events and utilize the amenities of our buildings. We believe we live in one of the best high-rises in one of the best cities in the country.

Our buildings are approaching 20 years old. Our reserves are strong. We are in an excellent position to move forward and maintain and improve our “position” in downtown San Diego.

Process to develop a Strategic Plan with a Five-Year Project Plan

1. Read through this material and develop ideas to share with the Board and other Owners during two different Workshops. What improvement projects are important to you? What programs or activities should Horizons work to maintain or improve? What programs or activities should the Board help to start?

2. Participate in the October 8, 2020 Townhall Meeting; 5:00 pm Zoom

Share ideas, comment on new ideas made, learn what other Owners think.

3. Look for the Draft Plan. After the first Townhall meeting, the Board will develop a draft Strategic Plan, which will include a five-year project plan and program ideas. This document will be shared by email before the second Townhall meeting.

4. Participate Again at the November 11, 2020 Townhall meeting; 5:00 pm Zoom

Learn what others think about the plan, share your comment and suggestions.

5. The Board will discuss and adopt the Strategic Plan in December.

This meeting will be held after the 2020 election. This would give new Board members a voice in the adoption of the final Plan.

The Outline the Association Board is using to Develop the Plan

Define Priorities/Goals/Objectives

  • Identify and agree on key priorities (generic – life/health/safety, maintenance (reactive and preventative/proactive, aesthetics, improved amenities, etc.)
  • Invest in areas to ensure Horizons properties hold their value and appeal
  • Plan for fiscal support to fund priorities over a 5-year planning cycle (include estimates and target funds to achieve)
  • Review and refresh on a regular basis. Assure funding plan is maintained to support goals
  • Use existing tools to help manage movement to goals (e.g., reserve study, annual budget, payments towards reserves, etc.)
  • Develop new tools/process were needed to achieve goals and/or move toward measurable progress (e.g., forecasting/what if spreadsheet, regular owner inputs, resetting of priorities, etc.)
  • Identify capital improvement items not currently funded/planned in reserves – identify fundraising methods

Identify specific projects to support goals – Map each to a priority (e.g., life/safety, maintenance, aesthetics, improved amenities, etc.) Identify funding source (e.g. reserves, capital investment, operating, contingency, etc.)

  • Routine Major Maintenance
  • Mechanical Equipment Replacement
  • Interior/hallways/lobby remodels (aesthetic)
  • Balcony repair (life/safety, some aesthetic)
  • Green Metal (aesthetic, maintenance)
  • Storefront systems (maintenance, aesthetic)
  • Sidewalks (aesthetics)
  • EV infrastructure (amenities improvement)
  • Pool upgrade (amenities improvement)
  • Gym equipment replacement
  • Gym Upgrades – new flooring
  • Other?

Identify specific programs/activities to support goals which maintain and improve the character of the community. Identify funding source as needed.

  • Social Activities
  • Events
  • Book Clubs
  • Lending Library
  • Other Ideas
  • Welcoming Process: Social Committee?
  • Revenue-neutral shared handymen
  • Parking bank software

Develop and execute plans to implement improvements

  • Assign to GM, Board member(s), committee, other
  • Lay out sequencing over time and funding (e.g., high-level Program, dependencies, collisions/conflicts, capacity, etc.)
  • Have regular review and monitoring
  • Keep reserve funding at XX%

Year 2 through 5 Follow Up – Assess goals/objectives as to progress… adapt/change as needed

  • Project/program reviews by board
  • Member inputs
  • Reserve analyst
  • Funding adequacy
  • Needs/priority resets when appropriate

Zoom information has been provided to Homeowners via email.


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